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Event:Gubbdata 2020
Tools:Marq's PETSCII Editor
Links:CSDb page (includes .prg download link)

This is a piece of C64 PETSCII Art that I have made for the Gubbdata 2020 demoparty. I think it turned out quite lovely! Other people must've felt the same, since it got 3rd place out of 14 in the PETSCII competition. ^u^


Some might find it counter-intuitive, but the first thing I've started drawing for this picture was the main subject of this artwork, which is the lovely lady with blue hair!

Added some much-needed shading to the hair and her arms, along with changing the color of the reflection in her glasses.

Her face has been refined, with nice shading and a smile.

Started working on the background. Made a nice cityscape along with a cloudy sky.

Added the water line! Not much else to say.

Made the water look all nice and ripply!

Playing around with the color scheme of the water.

Added waves to the edge of the water, to make it more water-like.

Restored the deep blue shading to the water, along with adding some more shading to make it less flat. Yes, in the process I've got rid of the rippling water line, as I had to rework it.

This is the final version! Here I added a ship and made the edge of the water ripply again.

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