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Yonaka Logo

Title:Yonaka Logo
Medium:Vector Art

This one took around 3-4 hours to make, because Yonaka found out she needed a logo ASAP, so she asked me for help and I came up with this on short notice. I hope I never have to deal with a situation like that again! :P
Anyways, I think it's pretty cool for what it is.


Since Yonaka is into Gothic Lolita fashion and loves cats, I thought I'd try going with something that would fit that style. She didn't like it, though.

Yonaka gave me a bunch of logos to use as an inspiration for what she wanted it to look like. So, hi-tech sharp style logo it is! Was playing around with circles in this one, but she wasn't happy with those.

Starting from scratch... Decided to work on the easiest letters when it comes to making the next version, as I didn't want to make a whole logo again just to scrap it when it turned out she didn't like it. Thankfully, she decided this was a good start, so I've continued making the logo in this style.

Very close to the final version, though it needs some tweaks here and there.

Extended the O and the last A.

And well, this is pretty much the final version, just inside Inkscape. The last A was returned to the previous state here.

This is a guide on how to read the logo, just so you know that this isn't a bunch of lines thoughlessly put together. :P

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