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2024-04-15 - Three Months Off

So, it's been a while since last update. Unfortunately I don't have much to offer in terms of content, but when it comes to my personal life, quite a few things did happen. However, let's start with things pertaining more to the virtual side of things.
First of all, I have reactivated my Twitter/X account. However, it won't be used for anything personal, just more as a place to get updates regarding anything I'm involved in. So, if you want to be notified when I've updated my website, then you should give it a follow!
As for BMS, I've been chosen to participate in the plugout5 BMS package as a part of the PHASE:SYNDROME pack. My contribution to this package is a Progressive House track called ULTRAVIOLET. Since plugout is a series of BMS packs that focuses on 5 key and 10 key, the chart only has those charts. I do recommend checking out the whole plugout5 pack since there's some really good stuff there!
Oh yeah, I've also added a new subsection to the website: Write-Ups! The reason for is because I was at an arcade with rhythm games in it, and wanted to talk about it here, but the resulting text got a bit too long to be included as a part of the update log, so I've ended up turning it into an article that you can read by clicking here.
Also, I've adjusted the line break height to make things more readable. It's a minor change, but it should make things nicer.
Now, moving onto what has been going on in my life. Well, I've managed to finish a Dutch language course on the A2 level! I'm now waiting to get onto the B1 level course, since I do plan to stay in the Netherlands, and in order to become a citizen and to be able to do pretty much anything here, I do need to know the language well. Still, I'm able of carrying smaller conversations, though there's still a lot of things I have to learn to become a fluent speaker.
Another thing that happened is that I got a cervical disc herniation, seemingly because I slept in some weird position (I tend to tumble around in my sleep, you see). Sounds scary, but it's not as serious as it sounds. It mainly manifests as a nerve pain in my left arm, and has been getting better with time. It also doesn't impede my arm movements, so that's good. Apparently, all you can really do about it is wait, so I'll be doing that.
Now it's time to talk about something really exciting. So, my boyfriend decided to invite a mutual friend of ours for a week, during which we did a bunch of things such as going to restaurants, shopping centers, and we also went to a place with lots of arcade machines! In fact, the place had a collection of rhythm games! Unfortunately, we forgot to bring headphones which definitely hindered the experience (gosh, so noisy!), but overall it was quite a nice experience. As mentioned before, I have written a whole article about my stay there, so make sure to give it a read!
Oh yeah, I'm still playing Deep Rock Galactic, eagerly waiting for the next season (gonna finally be able to get that one Lootbug win animation since they're adding the ability to go through previous seasons). Got all my dwarves promoted to Legendary 2. Rock and Stone!
A screenshot of Deep Rock Galactic, showing the class selection screen. All dwarves are promoted to Legendary 2. The selected class is Engineer, who is wearing a red outfit, and a top hat with its lid flapping.
Well, I guess that's all for now. Until next time! Oh yeah, it was Easter so I should include a pic of me going full bunny mode x3
A photo of isocosa wearing a sweater with bunnies on it and a pair of bunny ears. She's also holding a Nijntje/Miffy plushie, who is also a bunny.
Anyways, I hope you're having a fantastic day, and see ya until the next update! ^^

2024-01-18 - Happy New Year 24!

So, it's a new year! Unfortunately, my AMIGA is alive the year for me started with getting some kinda virus (not COVID, thankfully) that got me coughing like crazy and unable to sleep. Thankfully, my immune system managed to slay the intruder, so now I'm doing well, though my throat is still a bit sore and I got back pain from a cough that really strained a muscle in my back.
Anyhow, apologies for the lack of updates. Mainly I just spent time playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, which is an amazing remaster (too bad the devs behind the remaster got screwed over because Activision is ran by complete idiots) of 2 games in a series that I hold close to my heart, and RoboQuest, a fun rougelike shooter that a friend of mine recommended. Also, I've been playing a lot of 8 key mode in EZ2ON REBOOT : R and getting pretty good at it. I've also had a very nice Christmas with my boyfriend's family.
So, this update brings four drawings I've made as Christmas gifts for my boyfriend, his parents and my girlfriend. You can see them by going to My Art page or by clicking the preview below. Hopefully you'll enjoy them too! ^^
A preview of the 4 artwork made for Christmas of 2023.
Ah, so how were the holidays for me? I'd say pretty nice, we went to a nice restaurant just like last year, and also just had a nice time overall. As for gifts, I've got quite a few, such as Miffy/Nijntje pyjamas (don't have a photo of those though, and I'm too shy to show a picture of me wearing those here >.<), a booklet with photos of me and my boyfriend, a glittery cerulean sweater (you can see it in the photo with the 3D-printed bunny), a small 3D-printed bunny toy from my boyfriend, a bunny LEGO set from his mom and a glass art thingy with a silly bunny on it from his dad. You can see them here:
A photo of a 3D-printed articulated rabbit toy in the color of brass. The toy is laying on the top of isocosa's hand, as if it's sleeping. A photo of an assembled LEGO set of a rabbit, a carrot and a flower. A photo of a piece of glass art with a cartoony rabbit on it.
Well, this new year's got a rocky start, but we've still got the whole year to go, so let's make it a good one! Toodles! ^w^

2023-10-31 - Live and Unlocked

Woohoo, another update! This time, it's a BMS version of Dead Lock by Elwood! A legendary tracker tune from 1995, now in BMS form! It includes both a shorter BMS cut, and a Long Version that has the whole 4 minute song. All 100% charted in 7k and 5k! Oh yeah, I've also made a really cool BGA to come with it! So what are you waiting for? Click me and check it out! If you're still not convinced, then why not look at the YouTube video capture of the BMS?
A drawing of an anthropomorphic rabbit on an alien planet, with a spaceship in the background.
As for the website itself, the mobile layout has been thoroughly optimized now. While it doesn't look as fancy as it used to, it is now much smoother than before! The optimizations all boil down to getting rid of fixed position backgrounds (as in, when you scroll, the background stays in place). This means the nice gradient in the background won't stay like it used to (instead, it's a tiling image), but I think it still looks fine. Guess the fixed position background support on mobile browsers is just awful for some reason.
Now, if you're wondering how I've been... I'm doing okay, though I've been better. My stomach's acting up and I'm feeling a bit nauseous and low energy as I'm typing this. I'm not worried about it though, it's a thing that comes and goes, so at worst I'll be all good in a week. If you remember my Twitter (RIP), then you've probably seen me complain about this before.
Besides that, I've been doing some Deep Rock Galactic gaming as usual. I'm looking forward to the November update that's supposed to add a few nice quality of life features and such, so that's cool! Also, all my dwarves are now promoted to Diamond 1! Rock and Stone!
A screenshot of Deep Rock Galactic, showing the class selection screen. All dwarves are promoted to Diamond 1. The selected class is Scout, who is wearing a black and gold outfit, and a witch hat.
Well, that's it for now! I've poured a lot of work into the BGA for the BMS, which is why this update took quite a bit of time, but it was definitely a fun project! I might at some point do a Behind the Scenes for it, but we'll see. Anyhow, see ya later and have a good day! ^w^

2023-09-27 - Sorry Nothing

Ah, another month, another update! I don't really have any new content, but since I also use this as a blog, I'm gonna talk about how things are going. Anyways, when it comes to the website, I've replaced the fancy tiling texture in the background with a .png file of the pattern. Originally it was rendered using CSS gradients arranged in a funky way, which might've not been the most performant. Hopefully this will make the website run a bit smoother on lower end devices.
Another thing that has been updated on this website is that now the full update log is sorted into a list. Each year gets its own page, and the links on the main list will scroll you to the appropriate update. This was done because of a very simple reason: the singular page listing all the updates was getting too long. Hey, at least it means I care about this website :P I've seen too many personal sites get dropped for no apparent reason other than loss of interest (and maybe the way social media makes it easier to post things). I don't wanna end up like that!
As for what's going on with me... I've been watching the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime, 'cause my boyfriend was like "yooo you should watch JoJo!" so we're watching that. We're at the second half of the Stardust Crusaders season. So far, I've been really enjoying the show ^^ Admittedly hard to say much about it without spoiling a whole lot of stuff.
As for isocosa gaming, my Deep Rock Galactic addiction isn't stopping anytime soon. Doesn't help that both my boyfriend and girlfriend love playing the game together ^^ Anyhow, I've got all my classes promoted to Platinum 3! Rock and Stone! Next goal: Diamond 1!
A screenshot of Deep Rock Galactic, showing the class selection screen. All dwarves are promoted to Platinum 3. The selected class is Gunner, who is wearing bunny ears and wearing lederhosen.
Ah yeah, in EZ2ON REBOOT : R, I've managed to clear every chart (well, the ones that I can access since I don't have all the DLC) from level 1 to level 14 in 6K Standard mode! Also, every chart in the 2nd TraX category is cleared in 6K Standard mode. Pretty cool! Also, I've gotten myself the Prestige Pass DLC, which has some really nice songs. Also, got my first NO MISS on a level 15, and it's on Over Drying, which is a song from this DLC! Ain't that neat?
A screenshot of EZ2ON REBOOT R, showcasing a NO MISS clear achieved on Over Drying's 6k level 15 HD chart in standard mode.
By the way, remember previous update's teaser? Here's a bit more to show you that, indeed, work is still being done!
A drawing of an anthropomorphic rabbit sitting in a cockpit of a spaceship.
Sorry that this update doesn't really have any new content, but oh well. Hope you're having a good day! ^^

2023-08-25 - Having a Strawberry Good Time!

Heyo! As you can see, I've decided to make things a bit more fancy around here! For the longest time, something was bothering me about the design of my website. It wasn't bad, it just lacked that je ne sais quoi. It wasn't as personal and expressive as I wanted it to be. Admittedly, that design was created during a time when I was rather reserved and didn't really know what I wanted all that well. However, now that I've gotten better regarding that trait, I've decided it was a really good time to give my website a nice upgrade! It looks way nicer and pleasant than the old look, don't you agree? Of course, such comparison would be silly to do without a comparison shot, so here it is:
A screenshot of the previous design of the website. A screenshot of the new design of the website.
I've also fixed a bunch of smaller issues with the layout along the way, because it's as good as time as any. And yes, since the old button for the website was designed after the old logo, I have made a new button with the new logo, which you can find on the Links page. And yes, I've kept the old button, because it'd be a waste to get rid of it :3
Also, pages that are text-centric (such as this one) now have a set maximum width in order to increase readability on wide screens. However, pages that benefit from widescreen (such as the pages under isocosa's BMS works remain as they were. Of course, if your screen is less wide than the text page, the padding will be hidden, so it'll look nice no matter what.
As for other stuff, the Miscellaneous tab in isocosa's BMS works finally has something up for grabs: a theme for the iBMSC editor! This is the iBMSC theme that I've made and I've been using for... gosh, quite a long while, so I thought it'd be nice to make it publicly available ^^
As for what's been going on with me? Well, I've been on another vacation! This time without any rude cats to cause ruckus around the house :P
One of the things we've done during the vacation was going to the cinema to watch Oppenheimer. Quite a deep movie, there's a lot to talk about, but can't really say much without spoiling it. One thing I must say is that it doesn't glamorize the subject matter, it's all quite visceral in an emotional way. Definitely worth a watch!
Apart from that, we've been to a Moroccan restaurant (in the Netherlands, there's a lot of citizens of Moroccan origin) and we ate some Moroccan pancakes with strawberries. I think it was pretty nice, and wow the pancake itself was very sweet!
A photo of 3 Moroccan pancakes on a plate. The pancakes have strawberries, nuts and herbs on them.
After that, we went to a garden where you can pick strawberries. You still have to pay for them though! After doing the plucking, we ate some strawberry popsicles. Also, while going through the strawberries to pluck, I found this silly looking one, but didn't pluck it since I wasn't sure if it was gonna be any good or not. After all, we were gonna eat them later :P
A photo of a cojoined strawberry being held.
Apart from that, I've been playing quite a bit of EZ2ON REBOOT : R, mainly focusing on the 6k Standard mode. I've managed to reach Level 100. The level really doesn't matter, since the only thing it really indicates is how long you've been playing the game, but I just think it's a nice milestone.
A cropped screenshot of EZ2ON REBOOT : R, showing the isocosa's player information. The player level is 100, and the rating is 9.995.
I've also gotten an ALL KOOL (As in perfect score) on Confete's 6k NM (level 5) chart in standard mode, and also managed to get through the Trickster course with all of its hellish BPM changes, even if with a not so great of a grade.
A screenshot of EZ2ON REBOOT R, showcasing a perfect score achieved on Confete's 6k NM chart in standard mode.. A screenshot of EZ2ON REBOOT R, showcasing a screen of the Trickster course being cleared with a grade of B.
Oh, and and here's a teaser for something I'm cooking up for a future update :3
A screenshot of a folder with a file called, and many audio files for the keysounds. In the bottom right corner, is a smug thinking bunny.
Well, that's all for now. See you next update! ^w^

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