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2023-05-05 - Schedule Slipping

Ah, I did say I was gonna update this website every month but then I started therapy and joined a proper Dutch language study class and just I have no idea and just overall got into another creative rut. Ah well, such is life. So yeah, a bit late but hey, here's something!
So, first up, we've got a NEW BMS TRACK! Just a thing I made to derust from artistic slumber and also to try out making a big beat track. Oh yeah, you can also listen to it on its music page. Anyhow, hope I did well! >w<
Also, decided to put up this silly picture I made in Tux Paint on this site, because why not :P
Anyways, hope you're doing well! ^^

2023-01-30 - Cute Bunny Years

Well, a new year has come, a year of the rabbit! Well, I've unfortunately started out the year quite rough, but things are on track now so I'm not worried too much about the future. Also, I've decided to stop actively using Twitter because it was affecting me negatively. Being exposed to concentrated amounts of absolute stupidity can really fry your brain like an omelet.
Anyways, with this update I bring you two BMS sabun packs for following tunes:

Sure, it ain't much, but it's still nice ^u^
I hope you'll enjoy them and I hope this year has been treating you good so far! Ciao! :3

2022-12-25 - Can You Believe It? 2023 Is In A Week!

Heyo! Just before this year ends, I thought it'd be nice to treat y'all to a new BMS! It's called Going Everywhere! Yes, as you can see from the title, it is related to Going Backwards, though it's a lot more upbeat and interesting than that. Of course, a rendered OGG/FLAC version of it can be found in the My Music section as usual :)
Other than that, For the next year, I'm hoping that I'll be able to have at least one update every month for this website.
Other than that, I don't have much to say other than wishing y'all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here's to a great 2023! Cheers! ^u^

2022-11-29 - Feel the Light

Well, this is a rather small update. Planned to do a bit more for it, but hey! So, what's new?
First off, take-a-nobu has graced us with more hard rave BMS goodness, and it's called Blue Veil ~Rave's Theme~! Make sure to check out the extended cuts available on Bandcamp and support the fellow artist!
The other thing is my new avatar! I've planned to go back to a bunny, so I finally did it! :3 It's plenty cute!
Well, there's not much more to say, really! Also, I've gotten myself addicted to Deep Rock Galactic >.> Admittedly, really fun and really good game!
Oh and yeah, I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend now. Guess I'm polyamorous after all O.o And yes, they get along well and we voice chat together when we have time ^^ My life is quite strange indeed...

2022-10-29 - Charted Territory

Well, this update is a rather big one! Yup, I've been a busy bee (or maybe more of a busy bunny :P) this month, so let's see what's in store:

Well, that's quite a big update, isn't it? Hope you'll enjoy all of this cool stuff! ^^

2022-09-04 - Issue Tracker, Issue Smacker

Originally this was meant to be a simple fix for a simple thing, then I found more issues. Anyways, here's what's fixed:

There's probably some other smaller fixes I did that I haven't mentioned. In any case, an improvement is an improvement. Take care and have a peachy day!

2022-08-30 - Sabun Sabun Sabun

Heyo! I have made a 3 new fresh sabun packs for MITCH DOWNVELL's visceral, ag's Right Back and Qwesta's APFSDS. You can grab the sabuns from here!
Oh yeah, I've also added links to where you can download the original BMSes that the sabuns were made for and links to the artist's pages. While I can't guarantee that those outbound links will work (after all they're not hosted by me), it should be quite an improvement. And yeah, linking artists is cool, make sure to check them out :)
See you at THE BMS OF FIGHTERS : ET as I join Team Keysounds in their quest for BMS goodness!

2022-07-25 - Mandatory Beach Episode

This month hasn't been particularily active. Part of the reason is that well... I went on vacation with my boyfriend and his family! Went swimming at the beach, got some new clothes from the stores around the place we've been staying at, and just overall relaxing and taking our minds off all the worries. Also, I've been playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team recently, which is actually pretty neat.
Have a picture of me making some jams during the vacation:
A photo of isocosa with headphones on, using a MIDI keyboard plugged into a laptop.
I think the hoodie is pretty cute! I did also get some new clothes and a pair of bracelets. The bracelets are nice but I can't wear them too often 'cause they get in the way when using a computer >.> You can see the bracelets here:
A photo of arms with a bracelet on each. The left bracelet has silver beads, and a section with green gem-like beads. The right bracelet has golden beads, and a section with pink beads.
My Miyoo Mini got quite a lot of use during the vacation, though I mainly played beatmania games on it during that time. Here's me playing some beatmania BEST HITS on my way back home:
A photo of isocosa playing beatmania BEST hits on a Miyoo Mini while sitting on a seat inside a ship.
Enough blogging though :P What about the website? Well, recently I've had the pleasure to participate as an artist for Kudomu Shirome's ゆるゆる Phase 15 BMS Package. You should definitely check the package out! If you're not willing to check out the package (you really should), the individual download for my entry can be found on My BMS page, and a FLAC/OGG version you can listen to outside of a BMS client can be found over here.
Yeah, I know, it's not much of an update, but it's something. Also now you know what I look like :P
Anyways, I hope you're doing well, don't let the sun obliterate you, wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water! Ciao!

2022-06-11 - Get a Late Pass!

Well, this is embarassing...
So, I have planned to do a whole redesign of the website, but never ended up doing it. My thoughts were that well... I wouldn't bother updating the site until the redesign was done, to save me from having to rebuild every page. As you can see, that did not happen. Also, doesn't help that I've been dealing with anxiety, which has been quite paralyzing when it comes to making anything or talking to people. Since there's no point in dawdling any longer, I've decided to do a few updates here and there, gonna list them here:

As for what I was doing when I wasn't updating this site? Well, I've played way too much Risk of Rain 2, the game's hella addictive. Also, I've been working on a game with my boyfriend, but it's still quite early in progress! Hopefully I can dig myself out of this rut and do more stuff (I do want to, believe me), but we'll see.

2022-01-20 - Right Here, Right Now

Oh, this is a big update! If you've been following me on Twitter, you've already got a glimpse of what this update has to offer. The amount of changes is rather massive, so let's list them out:

Making the music player was quite a fun challenge, but I got there in the end! Sure, it's a bit messy, but it works and it's cool! I might do some other stuff in JavaScript sometime in the future, and if I do, you'll see it here.
This update had a little slip up, apparently files bigger than 100MB aren't supported, and also filenames shouldn't have spaces in them, but it should be all fine now.
Hope this new year has been treating you well so far! ^^

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