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All The Updates (So Far)

2021-01-10 - What a Year, Another Year

Long time no update! What happened? Well, first of all I've got a job now. Second of all I've not been feeling confident in myself and have been struggling with personal problems, and still am. However, I've decided to finally update the site. And these are the updates:

Well, I guess that wraps it up! Hopefully the next update won't take half a year, hopefully this year will be better (though recent events don't bode well), hopefully everything goes great for you! See you and enjoy the new content!
Oh yeah, one more thing: Been playing some DJMAX RESPECT V recently after getting it for myself on Xmas. Really fun rhythm game with some seriously good music! I recommend checking out The Feelings by Supbaby, lost n' found by bermei.inazawa and Lost Temple by IMLAY. Some really good stuff there! However, the song that got most playtime out of me so far is Do it by HouseRulez which is just simply an amazing feel-good house track.

2020-06-13 - Fox on Fire

Decided to fix some layout bugs that would appear for people browsing this site in Firefox.

2020-05-14 - Keepin' Promises

I promised to a friend of mine that I was gonna make 5-key charts for their tracks that I've turned into BMSes a while back, so here I am fulfilling that promise. Better late than never, eh? Go ahead and grab 'em here!

2020-03-03 - Party like it's 2020

You know what time it is? It's time for the PABAT 2020 BMS event! With that, I've released 4 new BMS tracks! If you don't play BMS, you can check them out on my music page too. Enjoy!

2020-01-28 - Positive Contact

Decided to split contact info from my about me page and put it under its own page. This should make it easier for people to find my contact information. I did it because I have opened up an E-Mail account people can send their messages to.
Oh, and I fixed the 404 page, because in certain cases it wouldn't work.

2020-01-13 - PC LOAD ERROR?

Last week, my PC's PSU decided to call it quits, but now it's all fixed. During the time my PC was broken, I was sitting on a laptop with a C64 emulator on it, making some SID tunes because I had nothing better to do. Now that my PC is fixed, I got to finally release data harm, the continuation of data lake for the Be-Music West II event.

2020-01-05 - Long-Distance Collaboration

This update doesn't have much to do with this website. Instead, this update is about promoting something that I've contributed to: BE-MUSIC SPECIAL SELECTION 2018!
Basically, it's a compilation of best BMS tracks from 2018 made by a friend of mine (Hyparpax), and yes, it does include works by me. I'm also responsible for the artwork for the project, along with two tracks made specifically for this compilation: a long version of Full Color FM and a remix of dj spine's MINUS MAKES MUSIC.
If you don't feel like checking out the compilation for any reason, you can also get the non-compilation masters (the compilation masters sound significantly different to fit in with the rest of the compilation) of the tracks on My Music page.

2019-12-18 - Rhythm and Style

This update is quite significant! Why? Many people asked me where they could download my music in non-BMS format, so I decided to finally make the music section!
Also, added some tweaks to the layout: expanded the width in low-res layout and added an indicator to the menu, so that in case you're on mobile, you'll know it's scrollable.

2019-12-16 - More Tweaks and New Beats

This one is quite simple, I added a new BMS track and added some metadata to each page so the website looks nicer when you link it on any social media site/platform that supports such metadata (such as Discord and Twitter).
Sure, it's not much, but it's nice!

2019-11-03 - A Friendly Update

This update is rather small, but if you want more BMS tracks to play, then you're definitely lucky! I've made BMSes out of tracks a friend of mine did (with permission and per request, of course) a while back. They've asked me if I could put them up on my site and I was like heck yeah! So hey, check 'em out! And yes, their soundcloud is linked on the page, and you should check it out too!
And yeah, if you made a track and want it to be a BMS, feel free to get in touch! I've got quite a lot of experience in turning stems into playable BMS, and I wouldn't mind putting it into more use.

2019-10-25 - Grand Opening!

I have finally opened the site! This also means the release of a new (kinda?) BMS song along with an alpha version of a new Full HD Skin for beatoraja!
Of course, this is only the beginning and the website will keep getting updated as I make more content! Took me a while, but the website is finally here. Stay tuned for more content, and of course, have a great day!