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2021-08-08 - Remixed Extended Gained Linked

Another month, another update!
So, BE-MUSIC Special Selection 2020 was recently released, and I have contributed an extended version of Distance Fields and a remix of Kudomu Shirome's Leucochloridium to it. You can check them out by grabbing BMSS2020, or alternatively you can download the non-compilation masters (the versions included in the compilation were mastered to match other included tracks) from my music page.
In other news, my setup has gained an update! The M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 has been replaced with a Novation Launchkey 37 MK3. Check it out (Click for bigger size!):
A photo of Novation Launchkey 37
It's quite a powerful MIDI controller, it has knobs, pads, wheels and (obviously) keys, and a lot of really cool functions which seem to be geared towards jamming and improv, such as snapping played notes to specified key and scale, and a complex arpeggiator that can be tweaked to generate new melodic patterns. You can customize the knobs and the pads to your liking, so I made a preset that lets me use the drumpads with LMMS more reliably. However, it was mainly designed with Ableton in mind, so I'm missing out on some features designed specifically for that DAW. It does come bundled with a cut down version of Ableton (along with some other software), so I could potentially check that out.
I have taken it for a test drive by doing a small jam session. It actually works great for that, though I do lack the skills to do it well. It was definitely fun to play around with it! I still have to figure out how to incorporate it fully into my workflow so that it can be used to the fullest extent.
The last part of the update is updating the links page with a few updated descriptions and a link to Kudomu Shirome's website.

2021-07-20 - Elevator Action

I am indeed finally living with my boyfriend! It's really nice here! Didn't expect it to work out considering the luck I've had in the past, but it actually did! Most of the time we've been cleaning up and preparing my room, which involved getting and building some furniture and moving things stored in the room somewhere else. Most of it has been done, so I finally have my own room with a really nice setup, which you can see here (click if for a bigger size!):
A desk with a shelf laying on top of it. On the desk itself there's a small 32-key MIDI keyboard, a regular computer keyboard, a mouse and a phone charger. On top of the shelf, there's a IIDX controller, a laptop, a keycap remover, a bunny figurine and a bunch of cables. Under the shelf there's a large full-sized MIDI keyboard.
Yes, the giant MIDI keyboard is fully functional! And yes, this is the first time I put up a photo on this site. Things are changing quite a lot, aren't they? Things are getting better for me and I'm happy about that! I've also got some new nicer clothes I feel more comfortable in, so that is definitely a plus! I believe things can only get better from now on now that I am living here. However, I've still got plenty of work to do, one step at a time. There's no rush.
As for new content, I've finally made a proper full-length tune that's not tied to a BMS, and it's called Starlight Elevator! It's a really nice and moody blend of disco and ambient music which will make you feel as if you're watching the stars from an elevator rising to the sky! Make sure to check it out on my Music page! At one point I might make a BMS edit of it, but that remains to be seen.

2021-06-20 - Small Moves

Well, I planned to update the site last month but that didn't happen! Well, there's two reasons. First of all, I'm preparing to move out of my current country to live with my boyfriend, so we've been discussing and planning it all out and it's obviously stressing me out quite a bit, even if the end result will most likely be worth it.
The other part is a bit silly, but I've released a BMS semi-anonymously for the 2HDBMS event, so I waited until the event was over to put up my songs here on this site. Since the event has concluded, the songs are now up on my BMS songs page, so make sure to grab them! Oh yeah, the gimmick of the event was to make a BMS that would fit on a floppy drive when zipped. Pretty cool concept, and I think I did a good job with my tracks!
And yes, rectangle girl is only available in BMS form due to how it was made (most of the track was composed directly in the BMS editor). However, CYLENE STAR -STAGE 1: ZERO CITY- was made the way I usually make my music, so you can get the OGG or FLAC version of it here!
As for the website itself, I have fixed the date formats so now they're consistent on all pages (no idea how I messed that up, but it's fixed now), and I also made the difficulty level displays on the BMS pages a lot nicer when dealing with multiple difficulty sets that don't have the same amount of charts in them.


Good news! take-a-nobu is back with an absolutely relentless rave track! If you think you are ready to experience the EGORAVE, just click this link!
I've also took the liberty to fix the dates on the Other Music BMS page since they were in the wrong format. Oops!

2021-03-09 - Oops, I forgot!

I forgot that I contributed to BMSS2019 so uh... I added the remix I did for KidZ G's Gone West. You can find the non-compilation master here!

2021-02-28 - Going Backwards

Eh, I don't think I can make good music anymore. Made a thing for PABAT 2021 and it wasn't good, so I didn't submit it. My hands hurt. Whatever. The BMS is here. Maybe you'll enjoy it, but probably not.
As for me, I'm thinking of retiring from making music considering that I can't make good music anymore. I really wish this wasn't the case, and that I had went out with something better, but oh well... Such is life.

2021-01-10 - What a Year, Another Year

Long time no update! What happened? Well, first of all I've got a job now. Second of all I've not been feeling confident in myself and have been struggling with personal problems, and still am. However, I've decided to finally update the site. And these are the updates:

Well, I guess that wraps it up! Hopefully the next update won't take half a year, hopefully this year will be better (though recent events don't bode well), hopefully everything goes great for you! See you and enjoy the new content!
Oh yeah, one more thing: Been playing some DJMAX RESPECT V recently after getting it for myself on Xmas. Really fun rhythm game with some seriously good music! I recommend checking out The Feelings by Supbaby, lost n' found by bermei.inazawa and Lost Temple by IMLAY. Some really good stuff there! However, the song that got most playtime out of me so far is the licenced song Do it by HouseRulez which is just simply an amazing feel-good house track. Yay! ^^

2020-06-13 - Fox on Fire

Decided to fix some layout bugs that would appear for people browsing this site in Firefox.

2020-05-14 - Keepin' Promises

I promised to a friend of mine that I was gonna make 5-key charts for their tracks that I've turned into BMSes a while back, so here I am fulfilling that promise. Better late than never, eh? Go ahead and grab 'em here!

2020-03-03 - Party like it's 2020

You know what time it is? It's time for the PABAT 2020 BMS event! With that, I've released 4 new BMS tracks! If you don't play BMS, you can check them out on my music page too. Enjoy!

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